1. What type of rug is best suited to your life-style?
Both the appearance and performance of an area rugs is determined by it's construction. Machine Made and Hand-Crafted are the two major classifications of area rug constructions. Machine Made rugs are typically more affordable as they do not require the additional labor of hand-crafted rugs.

2. Woven Rugs
Woven rugs are often produced through mechanical looms or through hand woven methods.  The yarns are interwoven to form either a flat or raised pile rug.  Pile refers to the surface yarn that makes up the face of the rug.

Machine woven rugs are often made with synthetic fibers, such as nylon, olefin, polyester or acrylic.  Machine woven rugs are often thought of as more durable than potentially more delicate hand woven styles.  Woven rugs are noted for their quality, durablity and prestige.  A high quality woven rug may be an investment you'll have for years to come.

3. Tufted Rugs
Tufted rugs are produced either by hand using a tufting gun or with the help of a tufting machine. These rugs are easier to manufacture than woven rugs as they do not require any knots. Instead, the fibers are pulled through the backing as loops. Then, a nonslip rubber or conventional carpet backing is applied to the back to lock in the tufts.

Tufted rugs may show texture or pattern when the weaver uses high and low pile areas. These rugs last longer in low traffic areas of the home as their plush fibers may lose volume under frequent pressure or start to shed.

Examples of tufted rugs may include many bath mats or popular shag styles, noted for their soft touch and plush pile.

4. Printed Rugs
Printed rugs come in a wider variety of patterns and colors. The printer holds 12 colors in a palette that can be sprayed adjacent to each other to mix and form additional colors (72 total) over a tufted base. After the printer sprays the colors, steam and heat are used to set the dye into the fabric.

Printed rugs are generally more affordable and thus lend flexibility to the owner to refresh their rug selections more often with changing trends and tastes.

5. Flat Weave Rugs
Flat weave rugs are created using a loom and are usually made of wool or cotton. The looped construction results in a product with a flat pile that is thinner than other rug types and reversible. As these rugs do not require knots in their construction, they are less labor intensive than other hand-crafted constructions.